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Our Innovation

Our R&D activities revolve around economic impact and strategically driven areas. These include Electrical and Electronic (E&E) encompassing Renewable Energy & Future Grid, Electric & Autonomous Vehicle (EAV), E&E manufacturing, and Automation and Sensory in primary sectors. In addition, ICT-based technologies are focused on targeted national agendas.

Research Excellence

As a centre of research excellence, MIMOS R&D activities currently focus on Semiconductors for Future Electronics (CSFE), Microelectronics and Power Systems (CMAPS), Advanced Manufacturing for Future Industry (CAMFI), and Smart Nation (SN) technologies.

Technology Innovation

Technology innovations demonstrate our responses to Malaysia’s need for the most advanced solutions in government services, business, health, public safety, environment and more.

R&D Publication

MIMOS researchers and scientists have published numerous R&D publications including journals and conference papers on topics related to ICT, disruptive technologies and microelectronic, among others.