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Corporate Highlights2023-issue-3News

An Exclusive Insight into Malaysia’s Thriving E&E Industry

The Edge has engaged MIMOS President and CEO, Dr Iskandar Samad, on 29 August 2023, to shed light on MIMOS’s pivotal role as the nation’s leading applied research centre and a strategic agency operating under MOSTI driving Malaysia’s electrical and electronic (E&E) industry.

MIMOS has recognised the immense potential of the E&E industry as a catalyst for Malaysia’s economic growth. Consequently, it has become imperative for MIMOS to extend its support to E&E industry players, equipping them with the necessary tools to compete on the global stage and propel the local industry onto the international arena.

MIMOS President and CEO’s interview with The Edge

Recognising the critical need to optimise the E&E industry’s potential, MIMOS is committed to accelerating the growth of the E&E ecosystem and increasing the added value of the local industry.

To achieve this, MIMOS has focused its premier innovation centres on Semiconductors, Microelectronics, and ICT technologies. These strategic areas are poised to contribute significantly to Malaysia’s socio-economic development through patentable technology platforms, products, and solutions.

During the interview, various aspects of the E&E industry’s future were explored, including Malaysia’s role in the E&E industry in the global arena in the coming years, MIMOS’ aspirations for the industry, the significant challenges and prospects for the industry in the next five decades, trends or global developments particularly relevant to the local E&E industry, new tech developments or emerging players within the local E&E industry, notable developments, preparations, or forthcoming plans, policies or initiatives and tech infrastructure in place to support the E&E industry, what is needed for successful partnerships or collaborations, and MIMOS’ approach to R&D ensuring that MIMOS remains at the forefront of innovation.