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Insight Into Talent Integrity

In building a healthy organisation that maintains strong relationships with stakeholders, suppliers, partners, customers and your own people, how do you determine the likelihood that an individual will act with integrity and avoid misbehaviour at work?   How do you gain insights on the level of integrity of a job candidate or an employee?

The Malaysian Integrity Test (MIT) is an integrity test administered through the Talent Performance Management Solution (TPMS), which is a unique and reliable unified platform for talent performance management decision-making for strategic workforce development. 

The test methodically produces insights on the individual’s level of integrity by measuring relevant aspects of personality and behaviour.  Personalised test reports include suggestions for intervention programmes to help improve employees’ areas of weakness.  This enables the production of a high-integrity workforce based on Malaysian values, customs and norms.

Since 2014, MIT has been administered to more than 20,000 Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) job applicants for law enforcement positions to assess their trustworthiness. In 2015, PDRM began using MIT to evaluate officers in service for promotion and is now part of their policy.