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Looking back and moving forward

We are at the archway of a new year and a new decade. As we head into 2020, it is impossible not to look back and reflect on the past year. 2019 has been a productive year with a motley assortment of activities, from engagements with learning institutions, industry and the public, to collaborations involving the latest technologies. Looking back, it is the engagements and exchanges that we value the most.

Aside from sharing our experience and knowledge in Industry 4.0 technologies through dialogues, conferences and other events, MIMOS traversed 2019 supporting the E&E ecosystem; fostering smart manufacturing in SMEs; nurturing industrial problem solvers; assisting vendors in digital transformation; providing sustainable environmental solutions; promoting blockchain adoption; spurring added-value for the capital market; enhancing airport experience; intensifying AI tech development across industries; pushing technology further into healthcare; strengthening the country’s naval information and operation systems; and equipping future talents with Industry 4.0 competencies.

All this are focused on empowering industry and service delivery, and making Malaysia attractive to investors and visitors. Looking ahead, we are sizing up; and scaling up. We hope you would share our excitement over the myriad possibilities that 2020 will bring. Together, let us make the new decade more rewarding for all! Meantime, here’s a glimpse of our pursuits in 2019:

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