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2023-issue-4Corporate Highlights

Cutting-edge Collaborations Elevating Malaysia’s Agriculture

On 5 September 2023, MIMOS Berhad came together with HELM AG, a German crop protection and fertiliser group, and ANCOM Nylex Berhad, a manufacturer of agricultural chemicals to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

MOU Signing between MIMOS Berhad, HELM AG, and ANCOM Nylex Berhad

This strategic alliance aims to fortify Malaysia’s food security by providing local farmers with cutting-edge satellite and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Specifically, the objective is to exercise digital agricultural solutions through SKYFLD, an independent precision farming platform for modern agriculture for crop monitoring, weekly work planning, and information sharing with trusted partners.

The integration of AI-based satellite technology into agricultural applications unveils new opportunities to elevate Malaysian farmers’ capabilities and capacities in precision farming, optimise resource allocation, increase crop yields, and minimise environmental impact. In addition, these technologies also allow farmers to strategically plan their resources and help find the best land area to grow specific crops and predict agricultural outcomes.

This collaboration aims to conquer challenges faced by Malaysian farmers and set an inspiring example for the global adoption of value-creating technologies, involving both the public and private sectors, for the greater benefit of our nation.