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Closed tender


Competitive Bidding No.


Bidder’s Eligibility Having experience in related fields or having any of the following MOF Codes: 060501 /060502/060599 /100101 /100199
Bidding Fee RM50 (Physical Submission) or RM100 (Online Submission)
Bidding Date & Time 05 May 2023, Friday 8.30 a.m.
Bidding Closing Date & Time of Submission 26 May 2023, Friday 3.00 p.m.
Status Evaluation
Bidder’s Code Not applicable
Officer in Charge Eliza Ahmad Basri or
Briefing / Site Visit Not applicable
Documents Download Bid Documents 
Scope of Work (SoW) &
Bill of Quantity (BQ)
Please refer to Bid documents

Q&A :

Q1 : Change in MIMOS’ Requirement Level from “Mandatory” to “General” in the Scope of Work (SOW).
A1 : Section B Item No. 1.9.1, 1.9.2, 1.9.3, 1.10.7, 1.11.1 and 1.12.2 (please refer to the revised SOW).

Q2 : Change in MIMOS’ Requirement Level from “General” to “Mandatory” in the SOW.
A2 : Section D Item No. 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 (please refer to the revised SOW).

Q3 : Additional item in the Bill Of Quantity (BQ) in Item No. 3.1.4
A3 : BQ Item No. 3.1.4 : Workstation – 2 units (please refer to the revised BQ).

Q4 : Scope of Work (SoW) Section B Item No.;;;;; and ; All these are the specific language/term used by a specific brand only. Please provide more details description.
A4 : We accept the bidder’s proposal even though they are using different specification terms as long as the function of the specifications are similar as described below.

A4.1 : – Spot shape optimisation at high beam current.
A4.2 : – Virtual model of interior chamber, stage and detector to monitor their motion in order to prevents collisions. It also helps users to adjust hardware positions for collision-free movements.
A4.3 : – Area measurement of selected region in the live SEM image.
A4.4 : – Navigate to a region of interest with the help of a positioning template. The template can be either an image from a camera, light or (other) electron microscope, or a schematic such as a drawing.
A4.5 : – Basic patterning, sample preparation for TEM, milling and deposition functions during live SEM or FIB.
A4.6 : – Software which correlates data from light microscopy with data from the SEM. Importing optical image file and overlay the images onto the scanning window to facilitate easy navigation to areas of interest.
A4.7 : – Custom patterns, specifying patterning parameters and automated operations of multi-site FIB and SEM patterning over larger areas.

Q5 : SOW Section B Item No. 1.27.1 (3) 2D and 3D hardware and software capability. Please confirm if the 3D EDS and 3D EBSD functionality must be included in this tender or it is available for future add-on or upgrade only (not included in this tender
A5 : The mentioned spec is for EBSD not for EDS. 3D EBSD functionality must be included in this tender.