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Mi-Atomizer 3.0 offers new market segment in semiconductor supply chain

An ultrasonic atomiser system for nanomaterial coating called Mi-Atomizer 3.0 was launched at the Graphene Malaysia 2018: Strengthening Graphene Ecosystems towards the National Agenda on Oct 29.

Innovated by MIMOS and NSW Automation Sdn Bhd, Mi-Atomizer was launched by Deputy Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis at MITI Tower in Kuala Lumpur.  Present were NanoMalaysia Berhad Chief Executive Officer Dr Rezal Khairy Ahmad and MIMOS Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd General Manager Wan Azli Wan Ismail.

The product launch is one of several strategic collaborations established in nanotechnology aimed at enhancing graphene research in the country.

Mi-Atomizer 3.0 enables a seamless integration of nanomaterials into semiconductor process technologies and provides greater opportunity for the development of advanced semiconductor devices. The equipment is targeted to deposit ultra-thin (<10nm) spray coating of nano materials with high coverage areas (>90%) and uniformity on eight-inch silicon wafer substrate. The system is also economical, has high transfer efficiency and has no agglomerations during the coating process.

The launch bodes well towards the advancement of semiconductor industry as the product is expected to provide fresh opportunities for local equipment manufacturers to enter into a new market segment in the semiconductor supply chain.  For more information on this product, shoot an email to Dr Mohd Ismahadi Syono at


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