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Accurate tracking and recording of the number of people present in a building or visitor traffic in a retail store is a valuable asset for safety, security and retail analytics. Mi-Footfall real-time people counting provides important retail analytics and visitor flow data that store management can use to identify visitor trends, conversion rates, predict staffing requirements, and ensure building safety.

People Counting Solution (Mi-Footfall) is a fully networked counting solution designed for easy deployment and automatically retrieves data from multiple stores/entrances/ exits over an existing network.

Its bidirectional counting gives the opportunity to discover how many people visited a particular store, floor or zone of the shopping mall and what direction they used for entrance/exit. Web-based reporting tool provides the real-time analysis of traffic data for improving decision-making


Enterprise, Government

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Footfall are:

  • Flexible Installation and Configuration
    Device can be connected via LAN or WAN at any site where people traffic needs to be counted.
  • Boost Performance and Profits
    The data of the visitor traffic generated can be used to analyse and track in-store conversion ratio and effectiveness of a marketing and advertising campaign. The staffing in the store can be optimised to improve store efficiency.
  • Enhance Health and Safety
    Provides crowd control to prevent injury to a visitor. Knowing the current occupancy in premises can ensure the compliance with the health and safety regulations.

People Counting Platform



Mi-Footfall comprises the following features:

  • Fully Networked People Counting Solution Data transfer is made via an Ethernet interface to simplify the installation.
  • Bidirectional People Counting Measures the number of visitors entering and leaving a store allowing the monitoring of the occupancy in the store.
  • Stereo Vision 3D Technology Uses dual video lenses to detect people to provide an accurate and reliable people counter.
  • Statistical Reporting Tool Provide real-time monitoring of visitor traffic flow and historical data analytics. Helps to unlock powerful retail insights around visitor traffic, store conversion ratio and impact of marketing campaigns.

Technology Benefits

The motivation of this project is to address the lack of reliable and efficient peat swamp forest data gathering and monitoring initiatives. A more systematic data gathering and monitoring system can assist in the immediate intervention, especially on the onset of fire triggered from long drought. The long term data gathered from the system will also give researchers a good understanding of the peat swamp ecosystem to enable them to devise a more systematic and sustainable peat swamp forest management in the future.

Currently, peat swamp forest monitoring is performed manually by the authorities or by reports from the villagers. A more reliable and efficient real-time remote monitoring can be achieved by way of an IoT-based system monitoring in the peat swamp forest areas. The sensory information from the sites is relayed back to a control centre through the clouds for data analytics and early warning purposes.