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2024-issue-1Corporate Highlights

MIMOS and TM One Management Exploring New Collaborative Horizons

23 January 2024 was another exceptionally productive day at MIMOS, marked by the distinguished visit of a delegation from TM One Management. This significant meeting centred around the promising prospects of MyDigital ID, laying the foundation for a discussion rich with potential collaborative endeavours.

The engagement provided an excellent platform to explore the synergies between both organisations, highlighting the vast opportunities for innovation and partnership that lie ahead.

As MIMOS and TM One Management delved into the various facets of how we could work together, it became increasingly clear that this meeting could mark the beginning of a series of impactful collaborations, aiming to leverage technology for greater advancements.

MIMOS look forward to nurturing this relationship further, optimistic about the breakthroughs and success stories this partnership could bring to the forefront.