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Technology Fact Sheet

MIMOS Application Health Monitoring System (Mi-Vigil)


Application health and performance monitoring is an essential requirement in any organisation both during development and system operation. MIMOS Mi-Vigil is a platform for monitoring health check of applications systems. It is designed for enabling continous health monitoring as well as on-demand performance check of applications.

MIMOS Mi-Vigil is a platform which provides a mechanism for
continuous monitoring of critical business scenarios of application
systems. It has the capability to monitor several applications
simultaneously from a centralised location. Scenarios can be
customised for each application.

Technology Summary

A platform for monitoring health and performance check of multiple
applications from a centralised location.
Industries: Enterprise, Government

  • Continuous and on-demand monitoring of applications
  • Simultaneous monitoring of multiple applications and scenarios
  • Scalable architecture
Technology Benefits
  • Proactive identification of performance issues
  • Improved application availability
  • Usage across application lifecycle
  • Open and neutral architecture

Mi-Vigil comprises the following features:




Mi-Vigil comprises the following features:

  • Continuous and On-Demand Monitoring of Applications
    Mi-Vigil features enable both continuous and on-demand monitoring of applications based on the needs. It can be used both during development and operations.
  • Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Applications and Scenarios
    Mi-Vigil has the capability to monitor multiple applications simultaneously. Each application can have different business scenarios.
  • Scalable Architecture
    Mi-Vigil architecture can be scaled to enable single or multiple scenarios. Monitoring parameters can be customised.

Technology Benefits

The main benefits of Mi-Vigil are:

  • Proactively Identification of Performance Issues
    Mi-Vigil finds and notify the application problems during system operation to relevant stockholders before they become incidents.
  • Improved Application Availability
    Continuous health check mechanism, enables to improve application availability.
  • Usage Across Application Lifecycle
    The platform can be used both during application development as well as operation.
  • Open and Neutral Architecture
    Mi-Vigil is built on open source software thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.