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Information & Communication Technology

MIMOS Cloud Infrastructure Platform (Mi-Cloud)


Cloud computing has become commonplace in the industry and many SMEs are turning to this solution as a way to conserve resources spent investing in IT infrastructure and related services. MIMOS Mi-Cloud allows corporations to build and offer infrastructure such as computing space and power over the Internet to end users.

MIMOS Mi-Cloud is a cloud infrastructure platform that is nondependent on any specific cloud hardware or software. It allows complimentary infrastructure to be offered to end users over the Internet in a simple and flexible way minus capital expenditure and leverages on existing operational expenditure.

Technology Summary

A cloud infrastructure platform that allows virtualisation of physical
Industries: Enterprise, Government

  • Features
  • Open and neutral architecture
  • Comprehensive management modules
  • Total service orchestrat
Technology Benefits
  • Broad web content extraction
  • Automation process
  • Clip customisation

Mi-Cloud comprises the following features:



Mi-Cloud comprises the following features:

  • Open and Neutral Architecture
    Mi-Cloud is built on open source software thereby reducing the total cost of ownership via cost-effective licensing. Mi-Cloud can be integrated with MIMOS Mi-Trust, a security technology to protect both Virtual Machine (VM) and cloud infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive Management Modules
    Mi-Cloud features comprehensive management modules to manage virtual machines (VM), networks, storages, users, images and resources. Key activities are also captured in the Audit Trail module.
  • Total Service Orchestration Suite
    Mi-Cloud’s modular design allows easy integration with other systems thus enabling customisation by service providers. Cloud health is monitored via cloud health analytics.
  • Hardware Agnostics
    The non-dependency of Mi-Cloud on specific enterprise hardware adds flexibility in deployment, maximises value and reduces risk via a multi-vendor scenario.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Cloud are:

  • On-Demand IT Infrastructure
    Mi-Cloud allows corporations to offer IT infrastructure to end users on a subscription-based as-need basis over the Internet.
  • Virtualisation of Physical Hardware
    The dependency on physical servers and costly hardware and related software are reduced via virtual hardware whose resources are self-managed and optimised.
  • Monitored and Protected Virtual Resources Mi-Cloud provides security over the cloud, and monitoring and protection of the integrity of the virtual resources.
  • Self-Service User Portal
    Mi-Cloud’s Self-Service User Portal is a feature developed to allow users to provision VMs on their own (from a set of predefined VMs and virtual networks by the admin). This is done with minimal intervention from the admin unless the resources of the requested VMs are over the threshold set by the admin. Access to the Self-Service User Portal can be done using the traditional Username/Password method or via MIMOS Mi-UAP platform.