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2023-issue-4MIMOS Snippets

MIMOS’ Deepavali Celebration Inaugurated with a Kolam Design Activity

MIMOS Deepavali celebration

MIMOS history was marked on the 8th of November 2023 with the first-ever Deepavali celebration kick-started with a flower-themed kolam-making activity held at K-World. The heartfelt celebration was supported by many MIMOSians from all house colours who participated in designing their kolam using their creativity and perseverance.

In line with Hindu tradition, a kolam is drawn to welcome the goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, into one’s home. It is known to attract good luck and as a figuration of charity. The unique kolam designs are an influence of the different cultures (and regions) of India. South Indians typically design their kolam with an array of dots and geometric patterns of all colours.

At the same time, North Indians illustrate their kolam with auspicious animals or flowers accompanied by oil lamps. Following the allocated theme of floral and innovation, the decoration team from Red Dragon, Blue Jay, and The Yellow Tigers have creatively crafted their kolam designs.

This event highlighted MIMOS’ camaraderie. Although kolams are laborious to design, MIMOSians of different departments and backgrounds came together to support their team and celebrated with their Hindu colleagues. MIMOS Management also distributed Deepavali snacks to all MIMOSians to commemorate the festival.