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Information & Communication Technology

MIMOS Enterprise Web Portal Platform (Mi-Portal)


Enterprises require a web portal platform for the development of websites and portals inclusive of a built-in web content management system. This is needed to facilitate the assembly of themes, pages
and portlets/widgets with a common navigation. MIMOS Mi-Portal offers a full suite that explicitly tackles and handles such requirements.

MIMOS Mi-Portal is a web platform with a built-in content
management/web application framework that allows users to
quickly develop websites and portals. Portlets/widgets allow
aggregation and integration with all distributed enterprise backend
applications in a flexible and effective manner with a standardised user interface (UI)/user experience (UX).

Technology Summary

A web platform with built-in web application and content management system that allows users to develop websites and portals.
Industries: Enterprise, Government


Mi-Portal accelerates the development of websites and management of their content through:

  • Simplified UI development
  • Portlet resource extension
  • Resource control panel
  • Default web themes
Technology Benefits
  • Flexible enterprise integration framework
  • Enterprise content management
  • User profile provisioning

Mi-Portal comprises the following features:




Mi-Portal comprises the following features:

  • Simplified UI Development
    Mi-Portal simplifies website development to allow users to login or view personalised services, and update content and integrate multiple existing services in a responsive and interactive environment. A structured workflow approval process and a presentation layer integrate the entire enterprise into a unified user-friendly interface for end users.
  • Portlet Resource Extension
    A third party JavaScript plug-in and extension to the default generic portlet class enables inter-portlet scalability and communication to support more dynamic application content.
  • Resource Control Panel
    This portlet enables centralised control panel administration to service endpoint configuration for custom portlets development and configuration.
  • Default Web Themes
    Mi-Portal’s comes with default web themes that can be used as a development base for further enhancement.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Portal are:

  • Flexible Enterprise Integration Framework
    A central presentation layer platform allows users,
    administrators and developers to integrate responsive and interactive content and services from backend or legacy applications. It supports multiple integration methods such as SOAP, REST, RSS and propriety APIs.
  • Enterprise Content Management
    Mi-Portal allows multiple user roles to access a single URL for a unique page view based on the user role, group, organisation or personal preference. An administrator controls the pages while a user customises them. It also provides a central platform to determine enterprise content policy.
  • User Profile Provisioning
    Mi-Portal provides an integration hook to MIMOS Unified Authentication Platform (Mi-UAP) for external application user profile provisioning.