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Technology Fact Sheet

MIMOS Integrated Document Management System (Mi-Doc)


Information is very crucial to the operation and continuity of businesses be they small outfits or large corporations. Storing, maintaining and tracking of artifacts is both complex and crucial as they are part of any organisation’s intelletual property. MIMOS Mi-Doc is designed to facilitate and automate the collection and management of these important artifacts in a more dynamic and robust manner.

MIMOS Mi-Doc is an integrated document management system that provides support for the storage, management and retrieval of artifacts. Artifacts ranging from documents to snippets of information such as XML elements are stored in a predefined structure that houses a rich data dictionary where the properties, associations and constraints of each artifact are described. MiDoc’s integrated workflow management handles complex process and form management that allows users to build and deploy web forms visually. At the platform level, the repository service provides a collection of web service interfaces or APIs that allow further extension of capabilities to the current set.

Technology Summary

An integrated document management system to facilitate and automate storage, management and tracking of important artifacts in any organisation.
Industries: Government, Healthcare, Enterprise, Education, Finance

  • Document management life cycle
  • Form and workflow management
  • Context-based search and full text indexing
  • Dynamic Integration
Technology Benefits
  • Immediate business value through rapid development
  • Existing hardware investment leverage
  • Collaborative data sharing and reuse

Mi-Doc comprises the following features:



Mi-Doc comprises the following features:

  • Document Management Life Cycle
    Mi-Doc offers a complete document management ecosystem
    with user-definable metadata that describes the characteristics and properties of a document. Document tracking is made seamless with advanced revision control, rollback and tracking mechanisms.
  • Form and Workflow Management
    An integrated form management system allows users to
    dynamically build any custom form or drag-and-drop from
    templates using the control and layout toolbox. With advanced workflow management and alert and notification capabilities, workflow rules and processes can be defined based on business requirements.
  • Context-Based Search and Full Text Indexing
    Via semantic capabilities, users can widen context-based
    searches from the content repository to the World Wide Web. In addition, all uploaded documents in Mi-Doc are full text indexed allowing keyword search until document content level. This provides a fast and simple or advanced multi-condition search for document metadata or content.
  • Dynamic Integration
    Mi-Doc has a wide range of integration services such as CMIS, CIFS, WebDAV and Web Service (SOAP or RESTful). This creates a common communication platform for any client to connect to its service API. Also built-in is integration with Open Office and Google Docs.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Doc are:

  • Immediate Business Value through Rapid Development
    Mi-Doc is built on the best of breed technology stack that allows ease of customisation and rapid application development, which enables any organisation to easily roll-out enterprise deployment.
  • Existing Hardware Investment Leverage
    Due to its distributed architecture design, Mi-Doc can be simply scaled and deployed into existing hardware infrastructure such as standalone servers, server farms or cloud services, which indirectly reduces the implementation cost.