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2023-issue-4MIMOS Snippets

Beyond Words, Into Actions : MIMOS Integrity Day 2023

On 16 November 2023, MIMOS celebrated its Integrity Day through an array of performances by MIMOS house colours; Red Dragon, Blue Jay, and The Yellow Tigers. MIMOS Auditorium was filled with MIMOSians in support of their respective teams where they were greeted with entertaining and pleasurable performances like choral speaking, short plays, and syair.

The five-minute performances accentuated the importance of high integrity amongst staff members in a comical sense, stirring laughter and amusement among the audience. Furthermore, the event also celebrated the winners of the Integrity Short Video Contest themed, ‘Integrity is a Way of Life’.

This programme aims to elevate further MIMOS’ stance as a centre of research excellence. In doing so, MIMOS can strive to create a transformative research ecosystem where ethical values not only guide individual actions but also collectively propel MIMOS towards pioneering advancements and global recognition.