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MIMOS Intelligent Resource Management System (Mi-IRMS)


Organisational and business dashboards have become the universal frontend of business intelligence. Dashboards visualise complex datasets to provide insights of current operations and performance. Mi-IRMS is a platform that transforms organisational raw data into visually engaging dashboards. This delivers real-time information, enabling greater insights and faster decision making for all levels and roles.

MIMOS Mi-IRMS is an application integration framework that
integrates the data from systems and applications across an
enterprise. Existing raw data scattered across various systems and databases is transformed into meaningful and visually engaging
information via live dashboards and reporting. The analytical and
operational data provide performance insights and assists day-today business decisions.

Technology Summary

An application integration framework that integrates and visualises enterprise analytical and operational data.
Industries: Government, Healthcare, Education, Enterprise

  • Intuitive personalised dashboard
  • Flexible visualisations
  • Broad data array
  • Mobile ready
  • Extensive enterprise search
  • Open Internet standards compliance
Technology Benefits
  • Enterprise performance awareness
  • High customisation and expansion
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance

Mi-IRMS offers the following features:



Mi-IRMS offers the following features:

  • Intuitive Personalised Dashboard
    Mi-IRMS features a responsive, highly customisable and rolebased dashboard equipped with CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript
    Framework for interactivity and presentation.
  • Flexible Visualisations
    Enterprise information can be flexibly visualised in the form of interactive charts and tables, modals, maps, metro banners, vector icons and many more.
  • Broad Data Array
    Live and scheduled information transfer is extended across various enterprise databases according to organisation needs.
  • Mobile Ready
    Mi-IRMS is available anytime on any device on iOS, Windows and Android.
  • Extensive Enterprise Search
    Enterprise-scale “Search as You Type”, category search and free text search is enabled across enterprise data and text documents.
  • Open Internet Standards Compliance
    Mi-IRMS adheres to open Internet standards that allow devices, services and applications to work seamlessly and allow for the expansion of extra modules and features.

Technology Benefits

The main benefits of Mi-IRMS are:

  • Enterprise Performance Awareness
    Accessible data visualisations via Mi-IRMS simplify complex enterprise datasets to provide users at-a-glance awareness of current operations performance.
  • High Customisation and Expansion
    Open Internet standards support interoperability between systems from different parties/technologies and Mi-IRMS.
  • Low Cost of Ownership and Maintenance
    Automated tests in all data areas on a platform that is open to contributions allow faster defects fixing, easier and cheaper upgrades and less complicated deployment.
Intelligent Resource Management System