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Information & Communication Technology

MIMOS Intelligent Web Clipper Platform (Mi-Clip)


In order to harness digital information and content from the Internet and present it to the user, a content aggregation tool or web bot is needed. MIMOS Mi-Clip is a web-based application that simulates the human exploration of the Internet by creating web bots that extract information from websites using specially-coded software algorithms.

MIMOS Mi-Clip is a web scraping/harvesting application to create web bots. The platform provides users with tools to extract content and perform automation on websites and finally store the information into a user-categorised database. It allows users to define the information source, determine how the information is extracted and how the extracted data is presented. It helps transform resources available on the web into well-defined nuggets of information by implementation of low-level HTTP through PHP scripting and MySQL database.

Technology Summary

A web scraping/harvesting application to create customised web bots.
Industries: Enterprise, Government

  •  Wizard robot
  • Generic robot
  • Web-based and multi-user
  • Scheduler
Technology Benefits
  • Broad web content extraction
  • Automation process
  • Clip customisation

Mi-Clip comprises the following features:



Mi-Clip offers the following features:

  • Wizard Robot
    The wizard robot is used to create RSS clips, web mining clips, in-depth search clips and multimedia mining that are easily configurable. This is built for those with minimal knowledge of PHP scripting.
  • Generic Robot
    Clips can be created and customised using Mi-Clip’s drag-anddrop function. With PHP knowledge, this robot can be programmed to extract and present desired information.
  • Web-Based and Multi-User
    The Mi-Clip web application is compatible with any operating system and can handle multiple users.
  • Scheduler
    Execution of the created robots in Mi-Clip can be managed using the scheduler.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Clip are:

  • Broad Web Content Extraction
    Mi-Clip’s robots can easily scrape any information that is visible on the Internet into HTML format.
  • Automation Process
    Users of Mi-Clip can program robots to perform automated
    processes/tasks in harvesting information.
  • Clip Customisation
    Flexibilities are built into Mi-Clip offering choices to users to fine-tune clips for information source, gathering and presentation.