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MIMOS IoT Sensor Node (Mi-SensorNode)


MIMOS Internet of Things (IoT) sensor node with TCP/IP wired or Wi-Fi connection is designed and developed for remote deployment as well as ambient data and Photovoltaic (PV) system monitoring. Mi-SensorNode carries six important sensing parameters such as indoor temperature, indoor humidity, air oxygen, PV voltage, PV current, and PV battery monitoring.

MIMOS Mi-SensorNode can work seamlessly using a LAN or Wi-Fi network. There are two variants, Sensor Node and Power Node. Both sensor nodes are powered by 12V DC, matching the typical 12V Solar PV system. Nodes can be connected to the Internet via network switch, 3G/4G router or Wi-Fi router. Nodes support IPV4 TCP/IP protocol, and require Internet connection to send data to the cloud or remote servers.

Technology Summary

An Internet of Things (IoT) sensor node for sensing and controlling
Industries: Agriculture

  • Easily extendable network
  • Customisable threshold parameters
  • Data transmission stability
  • Low power
Technology Benefits
  • Integrated data collection
  • Derive information analytics
  • Enhance existing systems

Mi-SensorNode comprises the following features:




Mi-SensorNode comprises the following features:

  • Easily Extendable Network
    Easily extend the existing network by adding gateway to the cloud.
  • Customisable Threshold Parameters
    User can customise the threshold parameter to suit their requirements.
  • Data Transmission Stability
    Data connectivity is ensured via TCP/IP wired communication or Wi-Fi wireless communication.
  • Low Power
    Sensor nodes are powered by 12V DC, matching the typical 12V Solar PV system.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-SensorNode are:

  • Integrated Data Collection
    Collect data from the surrounding environment to form the front end for maintenance and monitoring via various sensors and integration to mobile application.
  • Derive Information Analytics
    Transform parameters into meaningful data analytics.
  • Enhance Existing Systems
    Improve outcome and productivity by real-time monitoring solutions