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MIMOS Luminaires Monitoring Mesh Network (Mi-LUMENS)


Mi-LUMENS is a smart controller that eases the maintenance and management of LED streetlights. It allows users to switch the streetlight on/off, adjust its dimming levels (for compatible LED streetlights), monitor its real-time power consumption and be alerted when the streetlight is faulty.

All these operations are administered remotely over the Internet via an intuitive and user-friendly web dashboard.

Mi-LUMENS uses 6LowPAN, which is a low-power wireless network technology where each device has its own IP address.

This allows the device to easily exchange data with remote hosts over the Internet or wireless local area network through a gateway.

Communication between device and gateway uses sub-GHz ISM radio band (919-923MHz). This enables longer communication range with less RF interference compared to 2.4GHz band.

A Mi-LUMENS device is also capable of forming ad-hoc mesh network with nearby Mi-LUMENS devices to further extend the communication range.


Streetlight Manufacturers, Local Councils, Maintenance Contractors

Mi-LUMENS comprise the following features:




Mi-LUMENS comprise the following features:

  • Rated for 100-250 VAC, 50/60Hz
    Support supply voltage of 100 to 250 VAC and maximum load current of 10A.
  • IP67 Outdoor Protection
    Designed for outdoor use and harsh environment.
  • Operational State and Energy Consumption Reporting
    Monitor real-time operational state and energy consumption of individual streetlight.
  • Remote and Scheduled On/Off and Brightness Control
    Allows switching on/off and dimming individual streetlight from remote locations, as well as setting predetermined schedule

Technology Benefits

The benefits of Mi-LUMENS are:

  • Long Range Communications
    Mi-LUMENS operates at sub-GHz frequency where signal absorption by the environment is less compared to its higher frequency counterpart. Thus, long range communication over difficult terrain and non-LoS condition is possible.
  • Less RF Interference
    Compared to the 2.4GHz ISM band, the sub-GHz band is less crowded and relatively interference-free.
  • IP-based Low Power Wireless Mesh Network
    Mi-LUMENS is a low power embedded device that can form an ad-hoc wireless mesh network and able to communicate over the Internet via gateway. This allows the device to send and
    receive data with the cloud, as well as eases OTA firmware update.