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Information & Communication Technology

MIMOS Social Network Intelligence Tool (Mi-Visualitics)


With the exponential growth of information from social and online content, the ability to discover valuable knowledge hidden among these unstructured, large-scale data is mission critical. MIMOS Mi-Visualitics is a multipurpose social network intelligence tool that constructs a semantic network and derives insights from social media and online content for accurate decision making.

MIMOS Mi-Visualitics is a highly interactive social network
intelligence tool with customisable network analysis algorithms to
assist decision making or to solve particular problems. It generates
a network of semantically connected entities for applied algorithms to discover their hidden or non-obvious relationships. The components are highly optimised and parallelised to handle very large graph networks. A dynamic network is generated during each stage of analysis for interactive exploration.

Technology Summary

A highly interactive social network intelligence tool with customisable network analysis algorithms for the discovery of hidden or non-obvious relationships.
Industries: Government, Public Safety, Enterprise


Mi-Visualitics enables the discovery of non-obvious knowledge of entities in social networks through:

  • Social network analysis algorithms
  • Dynamic interactive visualisations
  • Complex graph filtering
  • Social context search engine
Technology Benefits
  • Identification of influential entities
  • Big data insights
  • High scalability for industries

Mi-Visualitics comprises the following features:




Mi-Visualitics comprises the following features:

  • Social Network Analysis Algorithms
    A set of scalable components measures the importance of entities in a semantically connected social network and identifies key players. It performs categorisation, classification, conflict identification and association analysis.
  • Dynamic Interactive Visualisations
    A highly interactive user-friendly visual environment of dynamically evolving network graphs and charts allow for close user monitoring and analysis.
  • Complex Graph Filtering
    Mi-Visualitics allows users to perform complex graph filtering operations to derive compact and relevant network information from a massive graph network.
  • Social Context Search Engine
    A context search engine allows social media content posted on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and webpages to be extracted in relevance to the topic of interest.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Mi-Visualitics are:

  • Identification of Influential Entities
    Mi-Visualitics can be used to identify highly influential entities for particular purposes such as finding personnel of key expertise with no conflicts of interest or identify the most key influencers in a social network.
  • Big Data Insights
    Service-oriented components in Mi-Visualitics allow the generating of insights and the discovery hidden knowledge from large data sources.
  • High Scalability for Industries
    Mi-Visualitics’ flexible and scalable components can be tailored to various industries such as fraud detection, public safety and security and intelligence analysis.