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2023-issue-4MIMOS Snippets

Game On! MIMOS Sports Carnival Kick-started with a Brisk Walk and Bicycle Relay

Opening of MIMOS Sports Carnival

On 12 October 2023, MIMOS inaugurated its annual sports carnival at MIMOS’ lobby joined by MIMOSians alike. An array of red, blue, and yellow can be seen as MIMOSians dressed up in their respective house colours, further adding to the competitive spirits of the carnival.

To commemorate the start of the event that will transpire from October 2023 until 2024, MIMOSians warmed up with three rounds of aerobic fitness, Zumba, to raise the energy of MIMOSians. Afterwards, the brisk walk and bicycle relay competition commenced in unison within MIMOS’ compound. The results of the competitions revealed Red Dragon to be in the lead followed by Blue Jay and The Yellow Tigers.

The objective of the carnival is to promote a healthy work-life balance for the welfare of MIMOSians aside from striving as the National Applied Research & Development (R&D) agency, as we believe the key to successful partnerships starts with a healthy mind and body.