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MIMOS steps up measures to halt COVID-19 spread

MIMOS had started implementing precautionary measures in response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) since the beginning of its outbreak late last year. A Special MIMOS COVID Committee was soon formed.

From 18 Feb 2020, all visitors to MIMOS campus were required to submit a health declaration form and undergo temperature screening at the reception or security checkpoint. Vendors, contractors and café workers were also asked to go through daily temperature scan.

Sanitiser dispensers with World Health Organisation (WHO)-recommended formulation were installed at all entry points. Buntings on COVID-19 preventive measures were also displayed at strategic spots to remind MIMOSians on physical distancing and personal hygiene practices.

With the escalating number of people affected by the disease in the country, MIMOS has taken additional stringent measures to ensure that the workplace is free of the virus; to safeguard the wellbeing of MIMOSians, visitors and business contacts.

Additional precautionary measures included issuing travel advisories against all non-essential overseas trips.  For essential trips, MIMOSians were required to declare with the Human Resources Department about their travel plans and observe a mandatory 14-day work-from-home or self-quarantine upon returning from abroad.

MIMOS also conducted an internal information gathering to check if any MIMOSians have visited Masjid Seri Petaling from 28 Feb to 3 March after several attendees of a regional religious event held at the mosque were tested positive for the disease.

These measures reflect MIMOS’ commitment in providing a safe and healthy work environment for all its employees, contractors and visitors in accordance with its Health, Safety and Environment Policy.

In compliance with the movement control order (MCO) declared by the Prime Minister, MIMOS has also announced the temporary closure of its offices in Technology Park Malaysia and Kulim Hi-Tech Park from 18 March and will continue to observe the extended period which is expected to end on 14 Apr 2020.  MIMOS premises are off-limits to all, including staff, until the stated date.