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2024-issue-1Technology Insights

Innovation in Action

On 27 February 2024, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, an insightful MIMOS Technology Review (MTR) unfolded at the Photonics, Advanced Materials, Mobility, and BITX labs, serving as a vibrant platform for knowledge sharing and collaborative exploration. The morning session kicked off at 9:30 am with an exclusive top management briefing and meeting, followed by an afternoon segment dedicated to registered MIMOSians starting at 2:30 pm.

This meticulously organised event offered a unique opportunity for participating MIMOSians to delve deep into the latest technological advancements and project developments within MIMOS.

The MTR event not only featured a comprehensive labs tour, allowing participants to witness groundbreaking innovations firsthand but also provided project updates that sparked engaging discussions among MIMOSians. It was an occasion marked by enthusiasm and curiosity, as participants were able to gain valuable insights directly from the project teams.

This interaction fostered a sense of community and collaboration, underscoring the importance of staying connected and informed about the ongoing research and development efforts. The MTR served as a testament to MIMOS’s commitment to nurturing a culture of innovation and excellence among its team members.