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MIMOS Ultrasonic Coater for Nanomaterial Deposition (Mi-Atomizer)


High quality ultrathin films are being produced in bulk for demanding coating applications such as smart screens, drug eluting stents, fuel cells and electronic devices. One effective method for producing quality ultra-thin coating is by way of ultrasonic nozzle spray coating. MIMOS working with a local micro-dispenser equipment manufacturer have realized an industry grade automated ultrasonic spray coater with high throughput targeted for electronic applications.

Mi-Atomizer is a commercial ultrasonic coater, a result of
MIMOS collaboration with a local microdispensing equipment
manufacturer. It is used for ultrathin coating applications down to a few nanometers thick. The robotic handling of the ultrasonic nozzle enables fast coating process of nanomaterials onto large substrates. Currently made for 2D coating applications using proprietary nanomaterials, the equipment is able to coat highly uniform layer almost 2nm thick over an 8-inch silicon wafer. Due to possible toxic nature of nanomaterials, the equipment is built with efficient exhaust and safety features.

Technology Summary

A highly efficient, accurate, programmable, user-friendly ultrathin coating equipment for various nanomaterial deposition applications.
Industries: Electronic, Energy, Medical, Textile, Automotive,

  • Mainframe and handler
  • Spray coater
  • Built-in safety features
Technology Benefits
  • User-friendly programmable operation
  • Reproducible coating materials
  • High quality uniform coating
  • High efficiency spraying

Mi-Atomizer solution comprises the following features:



  • Mainframe and Handler
    Aluminum mainframe
    Programmable spraypath and robotic arm Heated and vacuum sample holder
    Spray height (Z): 0 to 150mm
    Z travel resolution: 10um
    Max XY travel: 400mm x 400mm Max XY speed: 800mm/s
    Waste bin for setup purposes
  • Spray Coater
    10% resistance uniformity @ 15nm thick
    Minimum ~2nm coating thickness
    120 kHz spraynozzle
  • Built-In Safety Features
    Fully sealed enclosure when operating
    Transparent front cover with safety lock
    Exhaust system
    Heater safety control

Technology Benefits

  • The main impacts of Mi-Atomizer solution are:
    User-Friendly Programmable Operation
    Allows setting for different thickness and coating morphology
  • Reproducible Coating Materials
    Various customised coating materials allowed.
  • High Quality Uniform Coating
    Non-clogging highly uniform droplet distribution reduces coating imperfection.
  • High Efficiency Spraying
    Highly efficient spraying reduces material usage