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MOSTI’s first 3D printing lab takes shape

In a move to build the capacity of young people and community groups as well as to stimulate the economy through digital innovation, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) through MIMOS has started working together with software giant Autodesk in setting up 3D printing labs at strategic locations across the country.  The first of such labs was launched at PERDA Advanced Technical Institute (PERDA-TECH) in Penang on Nov 28 by MOSTI Secretary-General Dato’ Dr Mohd Azhar Hj Yahaya, in a simple ceremony, but significant enough to be a game changer that would develop a dynamic digital ecosystem ultimately aimed at contributing to economic growth.

The “3D Smart Maker”, as the lab is called, will provide technical training to produce skilled human capital in the community, and create an environment conducive to innovation in the 3D advanced manufacturing space.  In time, this public-private sector partnership should see some positive impact on the economy through digital innovation, and an increase in the potential of SMEs as well as larger businesses through the creation of business-centric technology enterprises.

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