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MIMOS Gigabit Enhanced Mesh System (Mi-GEMS)


Mi-GEMS is a multi radio mesh wireless broadband infrastructure appliance solution for multiprotocol broadband connectivity. More than just a provider for wireless broadband access to residential areas, enterprises, communities and metropolitans through its many variants and integration solution.

Mi-GEMS can be adapted to support the backbone of wireless communication for multitude of industries with many settings and purposes, is costeffective and flexible to cover a variety of requirements.

Mi-GEMS main variants include Multi-Mesh. The solution is also provision for other possible application of WiFi Access Point, Point to Point (PtP) and Point to Multi-Point (PtMP).

Technology Summary

A wireless multi-radio mesh broadband infrastructure with an integrated appliance for multiprotocol broadband connectivity.

Industries: Communications, Enterprise, Government

  • Robust design (IP65)
  • Modular design
  • Quadruple play support
  • Wireless Infrastructure for surveillance system
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
Technology Benefits
  • Enabling smart cities with metro-scale deployment
  • Value-added broadband services

Mi-GEMS is a versatile wireless broadband infrastructure appliance that can be integrated into multitude of environments to provide seamless communication and transmission of data.


Mi-GEMS comprises the following features:

  • Robust Design (IP65)
    Mi-GEMS can be deployed in harsh outdoor or stringent indoor environments to ensure seamless communication and transmission of crucial sensor data from the field to the user via real-time and remote monitoring.
  • Modular Design
    Mi-GEMS modular design gives the flexibility of choosing backhaul solution of either wired or wireless such as WiFi.
  • Quadruple Play Support
    Multicasting and IPv6 features enable the user to experience Quadruple Play (Mobility, Data, VoIP and IPTV) by having seamless mobility with faster and better streaming quality.
  • Wireless Infrastructure for Surveillance System
    Mi-GEMS enables CCTV system integration with wireless backbone infrastructure towards a centralised surveillance and monitoring system
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)
    Mi-GEMS 5GHz support Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) feature to automatically select a frequency that does not interfere with certain radar systems.

Technology Benefits

The benefits of Mi-GEMS are:

  • Enabling Smart Cities at Metro Scales Deployment
    Mi-GEMS enables smart cities at metropolitan, municipal and community to be easily scales up to several mesh nodes for metro or state wide deployment. It allows flexible and cost effective wireless infrastructure leverage on the complete range of modular designed variants to create from a simple WiFi Hotspot to a more complex Metronet.
  • Value-Added Broadband Services
    Mi-GEMS enables the easy integration of various value-added services associated to environmental control system and surveillance services. The integrated sensor helps authorities and industries in regulation monitoring and business opportunities.