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2024-issue-2Corporate Highlights

MOSTI Launches MY-AI Portal to drive AI innovation in Malaysia

Deputy Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation (MOSTI), YB Dato’ Haji Mohammad Yusof bin Apdal, officially launched the MY-AI Portal at MIMOS Berhad, Bukit Jalil recently.

The MY-AI Portal launch is an important initiative, as it is the first national online platform dedicated to resources and issues related to AI. It is developed, hosted, and maintained by MIMOS, under MOSTI, and serves as a strategic step in providing High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources. The portal includes links to knowledge resources, training programmes, tools, and feedback channels for AI. The primary goal of this initiative is to drive the development and adoption of AI for Malaysia’s economic and social benefit.

MIMOS plans to collaborate with industry partners and academic institutions in due course, to establish and provide HPC resources for Malaysian students, ensuring their productive utilisation through a structured system. A committee including relevant stakeholders will be established to evaluate and prioritise proposals for accessing cloud services, aiming to prevent wastage of resources.

YB Dato’ Haji Mohammad Yusof bin Apdal expressed his delight about the launch of the MY-AI Portal, emphasising MOSTI’s goal to foster AI innovation in Malaysia. He highlighted that the portal aims to support economic development and societal well-being by serving as a central hub for AI researchers, students, and professionals. It will provide access to up-to-date knowledge, tools, and training programs, positioning Malaysia at the forefront of AI advancement.

He further emphasised that by providing knowledge sources and training programmes, the MY-AI Portal will help cultivate and develop future talent in AI, ensuring Malaysia possesses a competent and competitive workforce on the global stage. The provided tools and HPC services will expedite research and development processes, enabling innovators and industries to test and apply AI technology more efficiently.

Moreover, this initiative aligns with the government’s policy and aspirations to become a Digital nation. The MY-AI Portal is part of the country’s digital action plan and roadmap, including the Malaysia Digital Economy Action Plan (MyDIGITAL) and the National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategic Plan. This effort aligns with the MADANI economic values aimed at improving the standard of living for the people by supporting the growth of industries based on digital and innovation.