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Information & Communication Technology

National Information Hub (U-Pustaka)


The national information hub is an implementation for Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM). It involved the development of a new National Union Catalogue (NUC) and a Digital Repository System. It also includes the implementation of RFID servcies for four state libraries (Melaka, Kedah, Perlis and Terengganu) integrating to U-Pustaka and the digitalisation of 1.7 million pages for the repository system.

The development of the U-Pustaka as a National Information Hub is to create knowledge-based economic society through the use of digital library services. The system is also to create a unique user experience to access both physical (books) and digital content.

Technology Summary

A national information hub which is an implementation for Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia (PNM).
Industries: Government, Education

  • PNM data centre
  • National union catalogue
  • Digital content repository system (MyRepositori)
  • Expanded consortium libraries
  • Digital content
  • Data migration and importation
Technology Benefits
  • Richer experience through digitised content
  • Cataloguing and unified search
  • Tacking of loaned and returned book

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U-Pustaka comprises the following areas:

  • PNM Data Centre
    Supply, deployment, testing and commissioning of hardware at PNM Data Centre in KL.
  • National Union Catalogue System Development, testing and commissioning National Union Catalogue System.
  • Digital Content Repository System (MyRepositori)
    Development, testing and commissioning of MyRepositori.
  • Expanded Consortium Libraries Implementation of RFID tracking system at four state public libraries – Kedah, Perlis, Terengganu and Melaka.
  • Digital Content Digitisation of 1.7 million pages of content.
  • Data Migration and Importation Data migration for existing NUC to new NUC and import of existing
    2000 DVD content into NAS storage.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of U-Pustaka are:

  • Richer Experience through Digitised Content Visitors to the national library can now enjoy a richer experience through digitised content in addition to traditional print books.
  • Cataloguing and Unified Search The development of the national union catalogue enable cataloguing and unified search for both physical and digital books.
  • Tracking of Loaned and Returned Books RFID is used to track the location of books in four state libraries which is also integrated into U-Pustaka.