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Technology Fact Sheet

NationalHealth Data Warehouse (MyHDW)


MyHDW is a trusted source of truth of comprehensive healthcare data structured and unstructured for query and analysis from various health data in government hospitals, private hospitals, university hospitals, and military hospitals as well as public and private clinics.

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Geographical Information System are utilised to manage huge volumes of structured and unstructured data. More than 90 percent of the MyHDW technology is homegrown, and developed by MIMOS.

A national healthcare information gathering and reporting system (MyHDW – Malaysian Health Data Warehouse) was developed by MIMOS, covering all government and private healthcare facilities and services.

MyHDW includes a patient treatment information system (SMRP) and patient registry information system (PRIS).

Technology Summary

Trusted source of truth of comprehensive healthcare data structured for query and analysis purposes.

  • Fixed format report 
  • ad-hoc query analysis 
  • Dashboarding
  • Statistics and predictive analysis 
  • Geographic inn
Technology Benefits
  • enhanced contravention management
  • Monitoring and alert of system tasks
  • Mobile device-enabled
  • Transparent procedures and processes

FoSIM monitors, governs and presents traceability information about food products from farm to fork.


MyHDW is a solution developed from various applications equipped with a web portal that enables access to the data and information at any given time and permission. MyHDW provides the following advantages.

  • Fixed Format Report / Ad-Hoc Query Analysis
    Predefined format for uniformity and ease of comparison for data and information. Explores data on-the-fly to answer business questions.
  • Dashboard
    Visualisation of data and information, interactive with drilldown capability
  • Statistics and Predictive Analysis
    Analyses current and historical data to make inference and prediction about the future.
  • Data Security and Protection
    Using HTTP protocol that requires a certificate to encrypt data, the gateway recognises unauthorised login attempts and subsequently probes for further credentials.
  • Geographic Information System
    Enables users to capture, store, analyse and manage spatially referenced data
  • MyHarmony
    Manages unstructured textual data with codification to generate analytics reports

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of MyHDW solution are:

  • Enhanced Contravention Management
    Early detection of food violation and notifying the right people at the right time
  • Monitoring and alert of System Tasks
    The system detects delays, triggers reminders and escalates pending tasks
  • Mobile Device-Enabled
    The Inspection and Sampling modules are accessible in offline mode and supported on handheld devices for ease of use..
  • Transparent Procedures and Processes
    System users will be well-informed of the procedures and processes through transparency in decision-making processes, and accountability in implementation.
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