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New Weight Function for Adapting Handover Margin Level over Contiguous Carrier Aggregation Deployment Scenarios in LTE-Advanced System


Ibraheem Shayea, Mahamod Ismail, Rosdiadee Nordin, Mustafa Ergen, Norulhusna Ahmad, Nor Fadzilah Abdullah, Abdulraqeb Alhammadi, and Hafizal Mohamad



In this paper, an Adaptive Handover Margin algorithm based on Novel Weight Function (AHOM-NWF) is proposed through Carrier Aggregation operation in Long Term Evolu-tion—Advanced system. The AHOM-NWF algorithm automatically adjusts the Hando-ver Margin level based on three functions, f(SINR),f(TL)andf(v), which are evaluated as functions of Signal-to-Interference-plus-Noise-Ratio (SINR), Traffic Load (TL), and User’s velocity (v) respectively. The weight of each function is taken into account in order to estimate an accurate margin level. Furthermore, a mathematical model for estimating the weight of each function is formulated by a simple model. However, AHOM-NWF algorithm will contribute for the perspective of SINR improvement, cell edge spectral effi-ciency enhancement and outage probability reduction. Simulation results have shown that the AHOM-NWF algorithm enhances system performance more than the other considered algorithms from the literature by 24.4, 14.6 and 17.9%, as average gains over all the con-sidered algorithms in terms of SINR, cell edge spectral efficiency and outage probability reduction respectively.



Wireless Personal Communications, Volume 106 / 2019