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Technology Fact Sheet

MIMOS Off-Grid Communication (Mi-OGC)


Mi-OGC enables communication between smartphones without the need for cellular or WiFi network. It is designed to work in the ISM 900MHz band. Point-to-point communication is up to 5km LOS, with mesh networking allowing it to be extended over longer distances.

Mi-OGC is a device that connects to your existing smartphone and
enables it to communicate with other smartphones when there is no cellular service or WiFi network.

It allows you to send and receive voice and text messages, use offline map, share location with other Mi-OGC users within range, as well as a backup battery for your smartphone. Mi-OGC has a point-to-point range of up to 5km LOS. With mesh networking, this communication link can be further extended.

Technology Summary

Device for off-grid communication during unavailability of cellular
service or WiFi.
Industries: Security and Public Safety, Local Community, Outdoor
Enthusiasts, Event Management

  • ISM 900MHz band
  • Audio and text messaging
  • Navigation and emergency location beacon
  • Mesh networking
  • Water resistant and dust tight (IP65)
  • Rechargeable 3000 mAH battery
Technology Benefits
  • Community networking
  • Emergency network
  • Secure communication
  • Safety

Mi-OGC comprises the following features:




Mi-OGC comprises the following features:

  • ISM 900MHz Band
    Better wave propagation hence longer communication range in 900MHz band.
  • Audio and Text Messaging
    Free audio and text messaging, independent of any cellular or data carrier charges.
  • Navigation and Emergency Location Beacon
    Offline map, location sharing, emergency location beacon are
    among the many useful navigation features of Mi-OGC.
  • Mesh Networking
    Extended communication range, useful in LOS and NLOS situation.
  • Water Resistant and Dust Tight (IP65)
    Mi-OGC can be deployed in harsh outdoor or stringent indoor environments for a reliable communication.
  • Rechargeable 3000 mAH Battery Keep your phone fully charged, anywhere, anytime.

Technology Benefits

The benefits of Mi-OGC are:

  • Community Networking
    Enables the local community to be always connected and informed at all times.
  • Emergency Network
    Mi-OGC is a standalone device that works independent of the cellular or WiFi network.
  • Secure Communication
    The audio and text messages sent through Mi-OGC are encrypted for secure communication.
  • Safety
    Be able to communicate anywhere, anytime.