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OpenNebula: TechDay Kuala Lumpur 2016 shares cloud success stories


MIMOS had the opportunity to host OpenNebula’s TechDay 2016 on Feb 17, which saw more than 40 participants from universities, MIMOS technology recipients and MIMOSians. Participants had the chance to hear the OpenNebula 5.0 highlights from Prof Rubén S Montero, Chief Architect at OpenNebula; and a presentation on the OpenNebula technology perspective by Prof Ignacio M. Llorente, Project Director at OpenNebula.


Other interesting sharing, with topics ranging from data storage, accelerator library and ultra-speed Big Data processing to cloud deployment and edge computing for IoT, were presented by senior MIMOS engineers led by Senior Director of Advanced Computing & Accelerative Technology Lab, Dr Ong Hong Hoe.  By 5pm, it was clear that the event had achieved its objective of sharing cloud use cases and deployment experiences, introducing new integrations and ecosystem developments as well as discussing related cloud open-source projects and tools.


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