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News2023-issue-2Corporate Highlights

Promoting Investments in Malaysia

Fortune Magazine is writing a report on Malaysia in its next issue aiming to create a positive image of the country to the international community and highlighting its economic potential and success stories to our global readership.

The special report will be divided into different sectors of the economy, offering an extensive overview of Malaysia’s journey towards being a high-income nation with a diverse society in the heart of ASEAN.

CEO’s Interview with REO Comm for Fortune Magazine

Recommended by MOSTI, MIMOS President and CEO Iskandar Samad, who represented MIMOS, was interviewed by REO Comm on 2 June 2023.

As the nation’s applied research centre and a strategic agency under MOSTI, MIMOS is a suitable representative of Malaysia’s Technology & Innovation sector.


The interview offers a window into MIMOS’ mission and competitive advantage, its current projects and partnerships, plans and projections, and the role of the private sector in Malaysia’s vision for the future, recent milestones achieved and new market horizons, the potential and strength of the Malaysian innovation sector, reasons to invest in Malaysia, advantages of doing business in Malaysia, and reasons to invest in Malaysia and partner with MIMOS.