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2024-issue-2Corporate Highlights

MIMOS celebrates achievements and strategic vision for the future at Q2 town hall

The MIMOS Q2 Town Hall session was fruitful in bringing together our dedicated team for an engaging and informative event. Held in May, the session was led by our Acting President and CEO, Dr Shukri Embong, who provided a comprehensive overview of our achievements and progress in the second quarter.

Dr Shukri Embong opened the town hall with an inspiring keynote address, highlighting the significant milestones we have reached and the innovative projects currently underway. He emphasised the importance of our collective efforts and how each team member’s contribution is integral to our ongoing success.

The session also featured updates from different divisions, where department heads shared insights into their specific areas of focus. In addition to the business updates, the town hall celebrated the achievements of our employees, recognising several team members for their outstanding contributions, receiving accolades and awards highlighting their hard work and innovation. These recognitions serve as a testament to the talent and commitment within our organisation.

Looking ahead, Dr Shukri Embong outlined our strategic goals for the next quarter and beyond. He underlined the importance of sustaining our momentum and continuing to innovate in our field. The session concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm, as we collectively look forward to achieving even greater success in the future.