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2023-issue-3Technology Insights

Exploring Quantum Machine Learning Frontiers & Latest Advances

MIMOS invited Professor Amlan Chakrabarti, a Professor and the Director of the A.K. Choudhury School of Information Technology at the University of Calcutta, on 4 July 2023 to share his expert knowledge on Quantum Machine Learning.

The talk by Prof. Amlan Chakrabarti on Quantum Machine Learning: Exploring the Intersection of Quantum Computing and AI

The talk welcomed MIMOS staff, researchers, and semiconductor industry professionals. They had the opportunity to delve into Quantum Machine Learning, grasp the latest advancements, comprehend Quantum Computing’s influence on Machine Learning, harness Quantum advantage to elevate their projects, research, or businesses, and fortify their skill sets for the future.

Being the national technology products and solutions provider, MIMOS consistently arranges informative Talks. These events serve to keep both its staff and key players in the technology industry well-informed about cutting-edge technologies ready to be harnessed. This initiative aims to boost and enhance existing skills and knowledge to their utmost potential.