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Reflecting and reimagining MIMOS

MIMOSians walked down the memory lane during the 36th Anniversary celebration on November 1, a commemoration to encourage the staff to reimagine MIMOS, reflect on the impact the company has on the nation and perform better to bring the company to greater heights.

Thirty-six years down the road, MIMOS has evolved from a small microelectronic research lab to Malaysia’s premier R&D centre in advanced E&E and disruptive technologies, with one same goal – to raise national competitiveness and make life better with technology.

The three-decade journey was made possible by dedicated and hardworking workforces, who continue to drive the company’s transformation to achieve success.

The one-month celebration was filled with a handful of activities, including a sharing session among new and old MIMOSians and a mini exhibition featuring MIMOS’ past innovations, publications and awards.

As MIMOSians returned to work after months of conditional movement order (MCO), the celebration was also to keep MIMOSians spirits high and motivate them to continue practising culture of innovation.