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2023-issue-4Technology Insights

Research Rendezvous

MIMOS Tech Talk 5 – Research Colloquium

On 8 December 2023, MIMOS conducted a Research Colloquium at MIMOS Auditorium to share research papers conducted by MIMOS researchers. Being an agency of research excellence, MIMOS aims to propel the nation’s economic growth through knowledge sharing and exchange.

The colloquium provided a platform for MIMOS’ young researchers to promote their research, as well as a chance to explain MIMOS’ current projects in focus. Two distinguished MIMOS researchers stood on stage to give their presentations.

Mr Yap Chin Lok, MIMOS researcher from the High-Tech Development, talked about ‘Feature Extraction and Signature Classification for Non-intrusive Application Load Monitoring using High-Frequency Data’. His presentation covered the significance of studying the good features of machine learning for optimisation purposes. Mr Yap added that the goal is to reduce featured numbers and eliminate redundancies.

Following the end of the first topic, MIMOS research officer, Ms Nur Farahi Idris, presented on ‘Performance Analysis of Hyperledger Fabric on Multiple Infrastructure Setup’. In her speech, she mentioned the goal is to identify the baseline of Hyperledger Caliper for blockchain performance testing to compare system behaviours between two contrasting infrastructures using the identified baseline.

Both presentations were met with active participation from the audience after each session through a productive Q&A interval.