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AI-Based Residential Energy Monitoring (AIREM) is an energy monitoring management system using non-intrusive appliance load monitoring (NIALM). 

It analyses and identifies the energy load consumption of each home appliance from the aggregated home energy consumption.


Residential Energy Monitoring

It is a nonintrusive appliance load monitoring (NIALM) device coupled with AI/machine learning (ML) home energy management system (HEMS).


AIREM provides the following features:

  • Energy Monitoring from Home Distribution Box
    AIREM offers a system with three units of energy monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to measure power parameters (voltage, current, active/reactive/ apparent power, power factor and others) directly from a home distribution box busbar.
  • Home Appliance Recognition using Proprietary AI/ML Algorithm
    A unique signature extraction methodology uses a proprietary AL/ML algorithm to detect and identify individual home appliance signatures through their state of operation.
  • High Resolution Sampling Rate
    AIREM processes 4K data points every second to deliver in-depth energy monitoring, device detection, and other functionalities.
  • Real-Time Readings via Dashboard
    AIREM shows home residents exactly how much electricity is used instantly and the on/off status of the appliances via a monitoring dashboard on web browser or Android device.
  • Easy Home Installation
    A sensor clamp clips around the service mains inside the home distribution board for easy installation.

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of Solar Tracker are:

  • Electricity Bill Usage and Carbon Intensity
    Electricity bill comparisons and estimates are provided so residents can self-monitor usage through each month. Carbon intensity data is also provided to help reduce carbon footprint.
  • Integrable with Home Solar Energy Monitoring System
    A home solar energy monitoring system can be integrated with AIREM to track electricity usage and solar production in real time.