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Technology Fact Sheet

MIMOS IoT-Based Smart Forest Monitoring and Surveillance System


This system aims to enhance anti-poaching efforts at protected areas through the use of real-time camera surveillance with analytics capabilities.

The objective of the system is to prevent unauthorised access and to alert authorities of trespassing and suspicious behaviour that contravenes the National Forestry Act and the Wildlife Conservation Act. 

The system can be separated into two parts: physical infrastructure and software applications. Infrastructure is solar-powered hardware that consist of camera with video analytics capabilities as well as network equipment, and software is an application that enable monitoring by authorities and relevant stakeholders is to be installed in end users’ smart devices..

Technology Summary

IoT-Based Smart Forest Monitoring and Surveillance System Monitoring and surveillance system for remote monitoring application

Industries: Forestry, Government

  •  Camera surveillanc
  • Trespassing detection 
  • Alert system
  • Report generation
  • User notification
Technology Benefits
  • Reduction in human intervention
  • Connectivity in unconnected areas
  • Enhanced security
  • Flora and fauna protection

A state-of-the-art wireless system and ICT network which includes visual capabilities for surveillance.


IoT-based Smart Forest Monitoring and Surveillance System comprises the following features:

  • Camera Surveillance
    Surveillance centre point for security or systematic monitoring and tracking visitor or animal movements on real-time basis.
  • Trespassing Detection
    Trespassing of an object will be detected via analytic surveillance camera.
  • Alert System
    Sirens will be triggered as alert system if trespassing object is detected.
  • Report Generation
    User is able to retrieve and download raw data for data analysis and future improvement.
  • User Notification
    Accumulated trespassing count will be displayed in the mobile applicatio

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of the IoT-based Smart Forest Monitoring and Surveillance System are:

  • Reduction in Human Intervention
    Provides immediate notification via mobile application.
  • Connectivity in Unconnected Areas
    Provides infrastructure in remote area through LoraWan connectivity.
  • Enhanced Security
    Provides remote monitoring via mobile application of any activities at the identified area.
  • Flora and Fauna
    Protection Safeguards the flora and fauna in forest reserved areas.