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Technology Fact Sheet

Smart Lock-up


Monitoring detainees such as in police lock-ups often rely on manual detection of events and results in postevent action. Such safety levels within lock-ups risk the well-being of detainees. MIMOS SMART Lock-up utilises video analytics to automatically detect and issue alerts. These are done on suspicious or violation ctivities in the lock-up cells and the perimeter of a lock-up building, in the absence of patrolling officers.

MIMOS SMART Lock-Up is a versatile video surveillance solution for lock-up environments. It includes intelligent elements of advanced video analytics in a flexible architecture. The solution is capable of detecting suspicious or violation activities based on the movement and behaviour of the object in the lock-up cell and perimeter of the lock-up
during day and night.

Technology Summary

A versatile video surveillance solution for lock-up environments.
Industries: Enterprise, Government, Public Safety

  • Cell-based video analytics
  • Perimeter-based video analytics
  • Event metadata display and management
  • Smart Client
Technology Benefits
  • Real-time monitoring and alert of human behaviour
  • Event-driven surveillance
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Open innovation platform
  • Patented algorithm/technology

MIMOS SMART Lock-Up comprises intelligent video analytics and video analytics management server features:


  • Cell-Based Video Analytics
    a. Climbing Detection – detects climbing activity in a cell.
    b. Loitering in Toilet Area Detection – detects object presence in a
    toilet for a fixed long duration.
    c. Aggressive Detection – detects fast movement or aggressive
    activity in a cell such as pushing and punching.
    d. Tampering Detection – detects any attempt to move or distort a
    camera’s position or view.
  • Perimeter-Based Video Analytics
    a. Restricted Region Detection – detects an object’s presence at a
    location with limited access.
    b. In/Out Detection – detects ins and outs of an object’s movement in
    any location of a lock-up.
    c. Entering/Leaving Detection – detects the entering and leaving of
    an object’s movement in a monitoring area.
    d. Crowd Density Detection – detects the presence of high
    occupancy of people.
    e. Object Left Detection – detects objects left by people.
    f. Object Removed Detection – detects the removal of objects from
    a scene.
    g. Counting – counts the number of people in two directions.
  • Event Metadata Display and Management
    Event metadata is displayed and managed by a Smart Client or
    by third party clients (event metadata is accessible through
    provided socket connection libraries and HTTP POST (JSON)).
    Event metadata interfaces
  • Smart Client
    Smart client comprises:
    a. Real-time camera view for live monitoring
    b. Real-time event alerts (video and audio)
    c. Real-time display camera view in high resolution with event alerts
    d. Event list management
    e. Location-based 3D event indicator
    f. Event video search and retrieval for forensic applications
    g. Dynamic masking for privacy preservation
    h. Comprehensive and integrated viewer

Technology Benefits

The main impacts of MIMOS SMART Lock-Up are:

  • Real-time Monitoring and Alert of Human Behaviour
    MIMOS SMART Lock-Up can be applied for both automated
    human behaviour monitoring and alert the security personnel in
  • Event-driven Surveillance
    The surveillance events are detected based on specific events and can be categorised. Forensics can be conducted based on various search criteria.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency Video monitoring and analysis potentially increases daily work efficiency by providing situational awareness to users through various event fusion and analysis.
  • Open Innovation Platform
    The platform is camera agnostic and can be customised and integrated to a third party system, for example a video
    management system.
  • Patented Algorithm/Technology
    MIMOS’ in-house algorithms to provide high accuracy and low false alarm rate.