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2023-issue-4MIMOS Snippets

Sports and Smiles, A Fun Day at Zoo Negara

MIMOS Kindergarten Sports Day

In conjunction with the MIMOS Sports Carnival, MIMOS Kindergarten organised a Kindergarten Sports Day on 19 November 2023 for a one-day trip to Zoo Negara.

Being a tactical environment for curious minds, the venue served as a good opportunity for MIMOS’ kindergarteners to explore various species in the animal kingdom. As many as 21 preschoolers and 36 parents participated in the occasion accompanied by all MIMOS Kindergarten teachers and several volunteers.

The programme began with a warm-up session and an opening ceremony of the event at the Children’s World section after their morning meal. Following that, an extensive activity of ‘Explorace’ was conducted involving all preschoolers and their parents where teams were divided based on family. The ‘Explorace’ activity not only cultivated inquisitive thinking among young minds in the completion of each checkpoint, but it also catalysed meaningful family time.