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2024-issue-1Corporate Highlights

Strengthening Malaysia’s STEM Future Through Strategic Collaboration

In a pivotal initiative aimed at propelling Malaysia’s STEM and digital innovation landscape forward, a courtesy visit was organised to MIMOS Berhad by Pusat Sains Kreativiti Terengganu Sdn Bhd (PSKT), marking a significant stride towards collaborative excellence in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), digital technology, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This meeting brought to light the myriad opportunities for synergistic partnerships that stand to not only advance the technological prowess of the nation but also enhance the quality and reach of STEM education.

Through fruitful discussions, both parties explored avenues for leveraging MIMOS’s cutting-edge research and technological innovations to bolster educational programmes and initiatives, aiming to make STEM more accessible and engaging for Malaysia’s youth.

The potential collaborations discussed during the visit are anticipated to lay a robust foundation for a dynamic and thriving STEM ecosystem in Malaysia, fostering a culture of innovation and critical thinking among students and young professionals.

As MIMOS and PSKT embark on this journey together, the commitment to nurturing talent and fostering breakthroughs in technology and education promises to unlock unprecedented opportunities for growth and development in Malaysia’s digital economy.