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Technology Fact Sheets

MIMOS has developed technologies and services for the enablement of technology growth. Download the following fact sheets for more details on our technology platforms.

Electrical & Electronics 


Technology Description
AIREM Energy monitoring management system for residential use.
ITS Indoor location track and trace system capable of performing high accuracy position determination, storing and analysing position of a tracked subject.
Machine Vision-Based Inline QC Automated machine learning-based vision inspection system.
Mi-AgPrink Silver-based conductive ink as a metal-based conductive ink products for printed electronics, wearable technology and flexible electronics applications.
Mi-GEMS Gigabit Enhanced Mesh System. Mi-GEMS is a multi-radio mesh wireless broadband infrastructure appliance solution for multiprotocol broadband connectivity.
Mi-GMC Green Motion Controller. MIMOS Mi-GMC (MCGP02I) is a high performance, general purpose motion control IC providing field oriented control (FOC) for permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM).
Mi-GraphASC Graphene-based anti-static coating as a substitute for ESD-safe products for electronics packaging and non-conductive barrier applications.
Mi-GraphPrInk Graphene-based conductive ink as a substitute for metal-based conductive ink products for printed electronics, wearable technology and flexible electronics applications.
Mi-LUMENS Smart controller that eases the maintenance and management of LED streetlights.
Mi-OGC Off-Grid Communication. Mi-OGC is a device that connects to your existing smartphone and enables it to communicate with other smartphones when there is no cellular service or WiFi network
Mi-Scada Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. MIMOS Mi-SCADA is a bump-in-the-wire device, which allows easy and seamless integration into an existing system to enable an ultimate security protection over the SCADA network.
Mi-SensorNode IoT Sensor Node. MIMOS Mi-SensorNode can work seamlessly using a LAN or Wi-Fi network. There are two variants, Sensor Node and Power Node
Mi-SSEC Secured Smart Energy Controller. The system automatically monitors and controls ambient parameters such as ambient temperature, office and room space brightness.
Mi-SPARK Mesh-capable wireless communication platform for connecting things such as sensors and transducers to the Internet
Mi-SWITCH Smart Power Monitor and Switch,  is a smart wall switch and plug that allow users to switch on/off and monitor real-time power consumption of electrical appliances in homes and offices from remote locations
RecoMedia RecoMedia. This wireless device provides you with a seamless way of projecting and sharing content from any device/gadget during a presentation
Mi-SCP Smart Control Panel. MIMOS Mi-SCP is an intuitive menu driven touch screen control panel lets you easily program, remote controls, adjust settings/threshold as well as sensors monitoring that can turn a greenhouse, nursery or open field into a smart Internet of Things (IoT) self-regulating system equipped with micro-climate-controlled environment for optimal plant growth.
REVA Reagentless blood testing and vital signs analyser.
RHT Wireless sensor that measures real-time ambient temperature and relative humidity of the environment and reports the readings to a centralised server over the Internet via wireless mesh network.
Solar Tracker Single axis tracker controller that optimises photovoltaic (PV) panel direction towards incoming solar rays to achieve maximum power output.
WISP Wireless IoT device to interface with industrial sensors and transducers that conform to 4-20mA and Modbus RTU protocols.

Semiconductor Technology 


Technology Description Category Download
Mi-Atomizer Ultrasonic Coater for Nanomaterial Deposition. Mi-Atomizer is a commercial ultrasonic coater, a result of MIMOS collaboration with a local microdispensing equipment manufacturer Technology
Mi-GraphWafer State-of-the-art process technology for the development of pristine Graphene on 8-inch (200mm) wafer to enable the manufacturing and production of next generation advanced electronics. Industries: E&E industries, SMEs, Government Technology
Printed Sillicon Wafer Wafer fabrication technologies based on 200mm wafers at small volume capacity Technology

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)


Project Description Category Download

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Based Residential Energy Monitoring (AIREM) is an energy monitoring management system for residential use. It is a non-intrusive appliance load monitoring (NIALM) device coupled with AI/machine learning (ML) home energy management system (HEMS).

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Edge-Based Sensor Fusion

Focuse on perception technology for cognitive understanding, localisation and mapping of a real environment. Multiple sensory inputs such as visual, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), and positioning are processed on the edge device to determine a mobile robot’s relative position and how it perceives a mapped environment.

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Harvest-Ready Tree Detection

Analyse loose oil palm fruitlets to estimate the readiness of a tree for harvesting. The automated detection enables plantation owners to effectively manage resources for harvesting activities.

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Intelligent distributed fibre optic sensor (iDFOS) comprises a distributed optical fibre sensor with sensor interrogator, data acquisition and analytics, and network and alarm management.

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Inline palm oil quality monitoring utilising near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy technology with chemometrics modelling for real-time data analysis.

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Text Analytics Accelerator. MIMOS Mi-AccelMorphe is a text analytics accelerator tool designed for parallel data processing to compute record duplication and detect the similarity/dissimilarity of text/string data on an optimised heterogeneous platform

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Authorisation and Resource Management Component. MIMOS Mi-ARMC is an XACML compliant authorisation platform. It provides a platform for the solution providers to design fine-grained authorisation control applications.

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Business Intelligence Suite. MIMOS Mi-BIS is a platform that creates a convenient environment for customised report creation and business analytics

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Intelligent Web Clipper Platform. The platform provides users with tools to extract content and perform automation on websites and finally store the information into a user-categorised database

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Cloud Infrastructure Platform. It allows complementary infrastructure to be offered to end users over the Internet in a simple and flexible way minus capital expenditure and leverages on existing operational expenditure.

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Integrated Document Management System. It provides support for the storage, management and retrieval of artifacts. MiDoc’s integrated workflow management handles complex process and form management that allows users to build and deploy web forms visually

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Big Data Crowdsourcing Platform. Mi-Flash is a big data crowdsourcing platform that harvests, analyses and visualises vast amounts of data. Structured, unstructured and device data is replicated and distributed for fast results.

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Mi-Focus Federated Mobility Cloud and Autonomic Services Management Platform. It allows management of resources through a centralised pane to provision applications, monitor the health, performance and trust level of nodes and applications, and control resources through a policy management module. Technology

Accurate tracking and recording of the number of people present in a building or visitor traffic in a retail store is a valuable asset for safety, security and retail analytics.

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Mi-Galactica Query Accelerator. This new-generation software accelerator outpaces traditional approaches of parallel processing query operations that support data retrieval and evaluation Technology

Software tool that harmonises unstructured textual information to enable accurate information retrieval for consistent reporting and analytics.

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Comprise a series of big data components geared towards a variety of stakeholders to analyse unstructured information for better decision making.

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Mi-IRMS Intelligent Resource Management System. MIMOS Mi-IRMS is an application integration framework that integrates the data from systems and applications across an enterprise Technology
Mi-Latte Light Assignment Task Engine. MIMOS Mi-Latte is an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliant task assignment and engine for IT help desk and support. Technology
MI-LIP Location Intelligence Platform. MIMOS Location Intelligence Platform (Mi-LIP) provides real-time human and object location tracking an.d intelligent applications. Unlike conventional location analytics platform, Technology
MI-LPR Licence Plate Recognition Platform. MIMOS Mi-LPR is a scalable automated licence plate recognition platform that processes and analyses video from vehicle surveillance systems Technology
Mi-Market E-Marketplace Platform facilitates manufacturers and suppliers to promote and distribute items online. Mi-Market is also equipped with virtual business matching to match suppliers, manufacturers and buyers Technology
Mi-MIST Internet Services of Things facilitates IoT deployment by eliminating the complexity in integrating devices and reduces market entry barriers by reducing high application development cost and creating new context-aware IoT services Technology
Mi-Mocha Cloud Health Analyser. The system consists of comprehensive graphing tools, flexible multi-channel notification, and centralised monitoring for multi-site environments Technology
Mi-Morphe Data Cleansing And Migration Tool. It performs transformation and cleansing of unclean data (mostly due to human error) thereby ensuring resultant clean data which is then stored for future use or processed further in the next levels. Technology
Mi-Portal Enterprise Web Portal Platform. MIMOS Mi-Portal is a web platform with a built-in content management/web application framework that allows users to quickly develop websites and portals Technology
Mi-Resource Manpower Planning, Simulation and Analytics Tool. MIMOS Mi-Resource analyses, allocates and manages personnel deployment in real time by centralising the processing of highly secured data sources of different volumes Technology
Mi-ROSS Reliable Object Storage System. MIMOS Mi-ROSS is platform based on an open, flexible and scalable distributed object storage that provides a cost-effective way to store large amounts of data and yet provide high availability and redundancy. Technology
Mi-Scramble Infrastructure Security Platform. MIMOS Mi-Scramble is an infrastructure security platform that creates a secure system with a complete framework to protect the confidentiality of personal information when processed by a third party Technology
Mi-Show Presentation Management System. MIMOS Presentation Management System (Mi-Show) is a platform that allows a user to centrally direct streaming of desktop content from one PC to another PC (i.e. display) within the same network Technology
Mi-SP Intelligent Surveillance Platform  is a versatile video surveillance system that includes intelligent elements of advanced video analytics. Technology
Mi-Structure Structural Health Monitoring is a structural health monitoring (SHM) system that consists of a web-based dashboard with damage-level analytics (DLA) and wireless mesh gateway that acts as a SHM platform accelerated via IoT Technology
Mi-Surveilance Platform for Video Analytics  is capable of detecting suspicious or violation activities based on the movement and behaviour of an object in a monitoring area day and night Technology
Mi-Trace Intelligent Traceability Platform is an intelligent traceability platform that can track and trace any product/trade item that is registered in the system using information gathered from multiple read-points or parties. Technology
Mi-Traffic Real-time vehicle counting and key retail analytics and vehicles flow data. Technology
Mi-Trust MIMOS Mi-Trust is a security technology that offers reactive protection for high value information. The reactive security provides protection when and where prevention measures are found insufficient Technology
Mi-Tuju Indoor Location Navigation and Tracking System. MIMOS Indoor Location Navigation and Tracking System (Mi-Tuju) provides indoor maps and location information for easy indoor navigation. Technology
Mi-UAP Unified Authentication Platform. The Mi-UAP platform is specifically designed to operational risks arising from user authentication and identity management (IDM). UAP is an Identity Provider (IDP) realisation of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) framework, enabling SSO to multiple cloud-connected Service Provider (SP) applications. Technology
Mi-Visualitics Social Network Intelligence Tool. MIMOS Mi-Visualitics is a highly interactive social network intelligence tool with customisable network analysis algorithms to assist decision making or to solve particular problems. I Technology
Smart Lock-up

Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Technology. MIMOS SMART Lock-Up is a versatile video surveillance solution for lock-up environments. It includes intelligent elements of advanced video analytics in a flexible architecture.

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Teleprimary Care and Oral Health Clinical Information System. TPC-OHCIS is a holistic clinical information system for health and dental outpatient treatments

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UGV Assisted Navigation

Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Assisted Navigation is a navigation system for UGVs in off-highway environments.

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National Information Hub. The development of the U-Pustaka as a National Information Hub is to create knowledge-based economic society through the use of digital library services.

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Peat Forest Management

Sustainable Peat Forest Management. MIMOS Sustainable Peat Forest Management using MIMOS Internet Services of Things (Mi-MIST) enables integration sensors and smart devices in a systematic way for peat swamp forest monitoring, targeting the environmental and agricultural issues

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