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News2023-issue-2Corporate Highlights

Transforming the Industry Together

MOSTI’s Strategic Technology and S&T Application Division is responsible for determining priority areas of high-impact R&D through R&D classification, technology scanning, clearing house technology service provision and scope setting, as well as modus operandi of strategic and prioritised R&D areas, among other things.

Working visit by Strategic Technology and S&T Application Division, MOSTI 

As a strategic agency under MOSTI and a premier innovation centre in Semiconductors, Microelectronics, and ICT technologies, contributing to Malaysia’s socio-economic growth through patentable technology platforms, products, and solutions, it is imperative that MOSTI cares for MIMOS’ welfare. 

On 6 April 2023, Pn. Aidawati Misdar, the Undersecretary, paid a working visit to MIMOS to understand better MIMOS’ role, function, infrastructural needs and facilities related to STI to support the growth of the country’s Technology industry as well as MOSTI’s STI initiatives.

The working visit included a productive discussion and a tour of MIMOS STC and the INTAC building.