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Mi-GraphASC is a topical type anti-static coating containing advanced two-dimensional alkoxysilane-functionalised graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) nanomaterial and specifically formulated to have functional coatings on flexible surfaces in order to reduce or eliminate build-up of electrostatic charge. 

Mi-GraphASC is a low-cost topical type anti-static coating which provides good ESD properties with low haze and high transmittance as well as good adhesion on flexible polymer substrates.

Development of a facile and excellent cost savings graphene-based anti-static coating as a substitute for ESD-safe products for electronics packaging and non-conductive barrier applications.


E&E Industry, SMEs, Government


Mi-GraphASC comprises the following features

  •  Water-Based with No Sulphuric Ion Contaminant Formulation
    A functionalised graphene nanoplatelets (GNP) nanomaterial is specially formulated to be miscible in water to replace solvent based formulation and free from sulphuric ion residue.
  • Low Haze with High Transparency
    Possessed a low haze and high optical transparency coated when checked using ASTM D1003-61 standard thus the ESD packaging will not block the view of the protected product.
  • Good Coating Adhesion and Stability
    Provides reliable anti-static protection with good coated surface adhesion based on ASTM F2252M and ASTM D3359 standards.

Coating solution on flexible APET substrate

Technology Benefits

Mi-GraphASC comprises the following features:

  • Low Cost
    Formulated using one-pot preparation technique, simple mixing method and using low-cost raw materials. Graphene is modified without using harmful chemicals and is capable of producing a rapid anti-static coating process.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    Based on “green” synthesis process followed by waterbased anti-static coating formulation. Therefore, the technological method possesses a huge benefit on the environmental sustainability for coating production.
  • Enabling Technology
    Flexible coating, high optical transparency and low-haze anti-static coating with a thin layer of coating is designed to dissipate electric charge and prevent damage of sensitive electronic components. The anti-static coating can be achieved through simple and low-cost process leading to the development of electronic packaging and non-electronic applications.