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Using IoT to drive real-time fleet management

The massive scope of opportunity offered by transport industry, the industry’s prevalent reliant on commodities such as fuel, and the unending demand from the general public has led to a highly-competitive market that often operates on razor-thin margins.  

High operational costs involving maintenance and repair and inefficient processes often occur in handling multiple vehicle fleets.  In addition, the safety of passengers and cargo, driver behaviour and the environment are ongoing concerns.

To stay ahead and ensure the safety of passengers and cargo, transport service companies need a system that is capable of tracking vehicle speed, braking and acceleration patterns, engine health, and fleet location and movement. 

MIMOS Fleet Management System (Mi-Fleet) is a web-based system that virtualises transport vehicle fleets.  It is an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) solution for fleet operators offering virtual remote visibility over mobile resources.  The technology solution provides operational visibility and efficient delivery of mobile resources such as land or sea transport.

Download Technology Fact Sheet [PDF]