Addendum to News Release: MIMOS Celebrates 25th Years of Research and Development for the Country

150 150 MIMOS Berhad

Five MIMOS Innovator Awards were presented to following MIMOSians in recognition of research and development achievements and contributions to the innovation aspiration of MIMOS:
1. Dr Mohd Rais Ahmad
• Has filed a total of 44 IPs (2008-2010), with two patents granted
• 19 patents pending are commercialisable under MIMOS Precision Agriculture Projects
• Won Best Invention Award in ITEX 2009 for the patent pending titled “Green Chlorination of Silver”

2. Dr Hon Hock Woon
• Filed 51 IPs (2008-2010) with one patent granted
• 6 patents pending are commercialisable under MIMOS Intelligent Surveillance Platform
• Won the gold medal at ITEX 2009 for an Invention in the multimedia category

3. Professor Dr Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin
• Has a total of 18 IPs filed (2008-2010)
• 8 patents pending are commercialisable under MIMOS Quantum and Cryptography Project
• Is instrumental in positioning MIMOS as the first Asian representative in drafting World’s First Quantum Cryptography Standards initiated by the European Telecommunication Standards Institute