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When the results for 2017 Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) and the Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examinations were announced in March, many high-achievers and even top-scorers said they were not absolutely sure of their next phase in education. Thanks to this online assessment called Prospek Kerjaya or Career Prospect (PK), now STPM and SPM certificate holders or even students as young as 15 years old can see their path ahead more clearly.

PK is a test that assesses aptitudes and career inclinations of individuals, which are then matched to the appropriate fields of study and career options.  The assessment also advises the field of studies that is suitable based on their aptitudes and career interests, and the relevant courses that are available at the respective academic institutions in Malaysia and some Commonwealth nations.

The digital assessment has been developed by the Malaysian Examinations Council and MIMOS team of scientists and researchers, who have proven expertise in the areas of Psychometrics, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Computing and other relevant technologies.  The test questions are designed consistent with well-established theories of career interests, while the assessment is based on a database with profiles of over 500 “job families”, or groups of related jobs and study fields.  By recommending the “job families” to which the test taker is best suited, the PK provides individuals with a clearer picture of their skills and strengths, allowing them to make better decisions about future work or studies.  For more information about this test, please visit


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