GlucoSenz takes the prickly pain out of glucose monitoring

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MIMOS has made a breakthrough in medical device technology when it unveiled GlucoSenz, a non-invasive, non-intrusive and non-destructive device for blood glucose screening developed by its Photonics Lab.

The device is the world’s first clinically-tested painless blood screening prototype, which uses photonics, electronics and software technologies to detect, analyse and predict blood glucose level from the blood capillaries of the human thumb without piercing the skin.

The device applies chemometrics methods to analyse the near-infrared obtained in absorbance mode through the user’s thumb spectra.

To use the device, the thumb is placed on the thumb module, where light will be projected.  The reflected light is then collected by a fibre-optic probe that guides the light to a detector. The light spectrum is then analysed by a built-in software module. The blood glucose level result in mmol/l then appears on the LCD display.

The device is expected to be ready in the market by end 2019.  For more information of the product, send an email to the research team at


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