MIMOS Raise Regional Competitiveness by Making Technology Services More Accessible to the Industry

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In sustaining its role and contributions to the success of Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) of the Government of Malaysia; the leader in ICT Innovations – MIMOS, today, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with 13 key players from one of the six NKEAs i.e. Electrical & Electronics (E&E) Sector, to share technological services and solutions. The MOU will enable these 13 establishments to tap into the expertise of MIMOS and decrease their dependency on foreign countries, saving costs up to 35% per annum. More advanced Failure and Material Analysis equipment will be added in the next 2 years to further improve accessibility of these services to local companies and MNCs.

The parties to the MOU include MyMs , Symmid, KeyASIC, PHY Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies, IRIS Technologies, Sensata Technologies, EFGO Scientific , Stratsec.Net, Quantum Electro Opto Systems, Image Transform, Avantor Materials, and Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP); representing 5 different clusters of Fabless Design, Manufacturing, Consultancy & R&D, Equipment & Chemical and Training & Education.

“Our 13 MOU partners represent the universe of SMEs, SMIs and multi-nationals who are key to the development of E&E Sector and whom we welcome for establishing meaningful partnerships with us especially for shared services”, said Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah, President & CEO, MIMOS.